Sunday, April 24

Clandestine Of Adelin Miftah

People got their own clandestine. Same like me. I hate people judge me by just knowing my name.Not my life. Thats why I'm starting back for blogging to shout you some of my clandestine of my life that you should know. Some of my clandestine I can tell you but some of that,I'll keep it :)

So well,I'm Adelin Miftah and I'm graduated from High School (that meant,I've finished my school years). I got my clandestine life and I love it. Enjoy my Clandestine Of Adelin Miftah.
I'll do random posts and random language here. Just drop yours Clandestine's on my chat box. I'm not biting and I'm good friends nor foe's :)